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74C14 40106

74C14 40106

74C14  40106

This chip is know by a number of identities. 74C14. It is also marketed as 40106, 40014, and 74HC14.  These are CMOS chips and are characterised by low current consumption, high input impedance and a supply voltage from 5v to 15v. (Do not substitute 7414 or  74LS14. They are TTL chips and operate on 4.5v to 5.5v and have low impedance inputs.)
The 74C14 contains 6 Schmitt Trigger gates.
Minimum supply voltage 5v
Maximum supply voltage 15v
Max current per output 10mA
Maximum speed of operation 4MHz
Current consumption approx 1uA with nothing connected to the inputs or outputs.

See Page 49 and Page 76 of Basic Electronics Course for details on how to use this chip.


Circuits using a 74c14:

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